Januta Ribinskas is a well-known name in the circle of Corporate Performance Coaching and Executive Wellbeing. You can visit her website of Executive Wellbeing here. Originally, an Australian, her work has been spreading and she has now released a new book at the intersection of Yoga, Mind, and Body named "Wisdom Enlightenment for the Corporate Hippy and Everyone Else". Januta catches up with us on our Be Inspired series.

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  1. Understanding Inner Self and Daily Practices
  2. Skincare Regime and Products
  3. Age Positive Lifestyle and Holistic Practices
  4. Book - Wisdom Enlightenment and Healthy Body-Mind Connection
  5. Aging Well
  6. Fashion

Januta stresses on listening to your internal self and practicing customized Yoga and skincare routine. She also calls for listening to your inner self to understand what is causing the negative feelings and try to remove them to stay positive. In the end, she embarks on her "passion for Fashion" as she feels internal contentment combined with external confidence helps her and her students to age positively.

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Januta with her book Wisdom Enlightenment

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