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You can also access the App here: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1574133871

1. Which devices are supported by Oseterics Yoga?

Oseterics Yoga is available on iPhone and iPad with iOS version 15.0+. It is also supported on Mac. We also have plans to support Apple Watch and Siri for a more touchless and enhanced experience. All the new features will be available to our subscribers at no extra cost.

2. Can I access Oseterics Yoga through my browser?

Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to support Oseterics Yoga on browsers. We wish to continue to be part of the advanced Apple ecosystem that ensures security, privacy, and rich features.

3. How can we practice Yoga with Oseterics App?

You can opt for our Yearly and Monthly Subscription which will give you access to unlimited videos. The subscription is mapped to your email. These subscriptions are auto-renewable where you do not have to intervene every billing period.

4. Who are the instructors?

We work with various yoga experts from around the world. Our Yoga instructors are based out of Florida, U.K, Poland, Canada, Mexico, etc. Most of our instructors have wide experience with students above the age of 50+. Some of our instructors are "Oseterics" themselves. Their own experience then makes them a great fit to be a teacher.

5. I need customized guidance. Is that option available in Oseterics Yoga?

Unfortunately, we are still in our early version of the application. Currently, we are not offering 1:1 sessions with a Yoga Coach. But we are working hard to add these features in our future versions.

6. How do I cancel my subscription?

With our latest version compatible with iOS 15+, we have enabled the option of canceling subscriptions from our Oseterics App. You could additionally, go to your iPhone/iPad Settings and click on your Apple ID. There you can find Subscriptions. Once you cancel the subscription, you will retain the membership till the end of the current billing cycle. If you have canceled during your trial period- there will be no charge deducted and your subscription will end immediately. For more information do read our terms and conditions.

7. Refund status when cancellation happens in the mid-way of the subscription cycle

When you cancel a subscription, you retain access to Oseterics Yoga content till the end of your current cycle. If you cancel mid-way through your subscription and need a refund - please visit https://reportaproblem.apple.com/ with your Apple ID and password.

6. These questions do not answer my concern. How do I contact your team?

Please contact yoga@oseterics.com related to Oseterics Yoga App. If you have questions about other initiatives at Oseterics - please reach out to us at contact@oseterics.com.