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The agile mind is the fruit of routine prudence. Thousands of seasons in the past have taught the world the significance of Yoga and the wonders it brings in one's life. Yoga has not only beautified home workouts but also introduced ageless skin glows and finding one's self passing the walkways of dotage. National survey show that 6.7 percent of U.S. adults age 65 and over practiced yoga in 2017, as compared to 3.3 percent in 2012, 2.0 percent in 2007, and 1.3 percent in 2002.

Yoga Benefits

Enough evidence has been established by researchers as exercise being the key to active and graceful aging. The NIH (National Institute of Health) recommends Yoga for improving Bone Health, Cognitive Ability, Flexibility, and Mobility.

The immense power of a mild workout (15 min. per day) helps achieve tremendous benefits, some of which are listed briefly below-

  • Relieving uninvited stress, improving mental health as a good habit routine, and moderating the body clock involving timely sleep, metabolism, focus, and balance.
  • Depleting anxiety which often occurs in the form of unwanted body reactions. Yoga helps to eradicate it automatically.
  • Back body pain relief spans from neck to waist, thus, accelerating your mobility and activity throughout the day.
  • Curing knee osteoarthritis, cutting off excessive weight on the lower body.
  • Regulating menopause symptoms.
  • Helping people manage their mental, physical and spiritual circles and find the true meaning (quality) of life.

It is important to understand the human body we possess and what it needs before deciding to pursue workouts. Whether choose a gym, a group class, have a personal trainer or use our iOS App Oseterics Yoga. Many people who feel underweight go for strength training to increase their muscular mass. While others who have extremely busy lifestyles may opt for endurance training. The mobility issues can be monitored with the aid of resistance training. Workout and fitness training has evolved into various streams such as Aerobics, High Intensity, etc. Choose wisely after reading about each.

Yoga for Midlife

Yoga is not a different exercise; in fact a mere style or framework of several exercises on the basis of which Yogis all over the world help their students to improve their health.

The advantage of Yoga is that it combines body, mind and breath together to form exercises unlike other practices where complete focus maybe just on physical exercises

The focus of the yogic exercise is to synchronize the flow of the body and ensure the right poses to condition the body and breath. From time to time, breathing techniques also improve mental health in unison.

While there are many forms of Yoga, Oseterics Yoga presents exercises that are tailor-made for midlife. While they are not advanced in difficulty, they are also not leveled as truly initial. The balanced difficulty combined with the focus on concerns related to midlife and beyond helps us to come up with exercises that are easily doable. All Oseterics Yoga instructors have wide experience working with students who are in their 50s, 60s, and beyond. Hence, we have researched hard to tailor the exercises according to the needs.

To benefit maximum, pause the video whenever wanted, rest, or exercise in depth. Additionally, for each focus and concern, there are many alternatives. We suggest using our in-built favorite feature to save the videos and repeat them as you like.

Medical Advice: Not a Cure

Yoga and other forms of workouts are key to keep a body and mind active and healthy. But home workouts without medical supervision are not a cure for any condition. Yoga has timelessly helped with a lot of diseases like arthritis and cardiovascular risks. A study (2012) showed that 94 percent of adults who practiced yoga did it for wellness-related reasons, while 17.5 percent did it to treat a specific health condition. Although, if a chronic condition causing regular discomfort occurs, we strongly advise having a consultation with your physician.

Yoga and other forms of mild exercises are part of a lifestyle. They help avoid many conditions and help sustain persistent strength, flexibility, and mobility. But there is always an onset of age-related ramifications. Like many other organizations and researchers, we endeavour constantly to understand the human body in more depth and keep striving toward making our products & services healthier and safer.

Staying Safe while Workout

Although we work very hard to style our workouts for different needs, it is important to also listen to one's own body too. Always keep water and a chair around while doing a workout. At any point of the exercise, if it does not feel right, take a break, sit down, have some water and take a rest.

Yoga as a form of exercise emphasizes bringing an inner and outer self together. In our conversation with Januta Rabinski, she explains how to combine the practice of meditation with regular yoga and enable positive aging. Do read our inspiration series where many influencers talk about aging gracefully.

Constant Update

We are working hard with all our partners - Yogis and Technology Partners to add more content features to improve the Oseterics Yoga experience. We hope to stay with our readers and yogis as their longevity partner and graceful aging.