Have you ever paused and looked at your life? Do you focus on your flaws? Or do you smile, and accept life's foibles? Jennifer Canuck is one mature influencer who tries to spread vibrant acceptance of our mundane lives with vigor and style!

Jennifer, better known as the "Silver Canuck" on Instagram, decided to document her transition to silver hair a few years ago. She also wanted to celebrate her journey of aging as she felt it was bold and special to not hide anymore. But to her surprise, she attracted huge support from other women going through similar stages.

Now 55, the former journalist and jazz singer from Newfoundland, Canada is a growing sensation on social media platforms with her vibrant posts and reels encouraging women to celebrate their aging. In this candid interview, Jennifer shares her empowering journey.

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  1. Who is Jennifer?
  2. The Silver Canuck
  3. Aging on Instagram: Feeling of a Rebirth
  4. Novel Pursuits
  5. Gray Diva: A Natural Calling
  6. Hair Care
  7. Don't Overlook Self Care
  8. A greater sense of gratitude
  9. A turbulent 40s
  10. Fashion and Self-Expression
  11. Canada and Colours

Celebrating Aging: Accepting Our Flaws

"I wanted to have my natural hair color for many years," Jennifer reveals. After dyeing her grays for 27 years, she had grown tired of the "trap". After seeing the viral #SilverSisters movement with photos of happy, confident women with gray hair, she decided to take the plunge.

"It's been indescribable, the level of joy it has brought me."
Multiple research has shown how hard it is for women to present their authentic selves with gray hair. While younger women try to hide their grey altogether, older women tend to use cosmetics to mitigate the effects of gray hair perception

Jennifer confides that she was not particularly thrilled when she turned 50. But during her content creation journey, she has eventually started to embrace aging, joke about it and dance about it. The journey has proved to be a metamorphosis for her and now she realizes that there is so much to explore.

In a strange way, it's like a rebirth, and it makes me feel younger

Her feed is filled with other women appreciating her efforts to bring color and vibrancy into the content. "I don't think of myself as being particularly energetic. But if people perceive some sort of energy from me, I think that is one of the neatest things I've ever heard", Jennifer smiles. She is amazed that once she had no interest in using Instagram, instead now Instagram has become a critical force in her life enabling her to connect with several other people around the globe.


Jennifer encourages more women to embrace natural gray as part of a worldwide #silversister movement

Gray Hair Advocate

Jennifer had been dyeing her hair since the age of 22. In 2021, Jennifer stumbled upon other women going gray online

It was something transformative that had happened to their spirit, and I wanted to experience that

But Jennifer acknowledges that many women feel comfortable coloring their hair such as her mother who does it even at the age of 91 and sister at the age of 65. "Though it took some time, the journey is very satisfying. Even when other things may not go very well in my life, I would see my progress and feel great about it"

Jennifer keeps washing her hair every three days because she likes the feeling of freshly washed hair. She emphasizes using high-quality products for her hair such as Live Clean (a Canadian natural shampoo brand). She also recommends purple shampoo which helps to avoid the yellow tanginess in gray hair. Earlier she would use purple shampoo quite frequently but that would leave her hair drier. She now recommends using purple shampoo not more than twice a month. Also, she suggests not to overuse heat styling and restrict it to a couple of times a week.

"I found an extraordinary improvement in the health of my hair since I grew out the silver"

She uses some volumizing spray for her hair but she recommends restricting the usage. Transitioning into gray hair has naturally enabled the hair to be healthy because it feels that it tends to take care of itself because chemicals are not being used constantly on the hair.


Of course, not everyone has been supportive of Jennifer's silver crowning glory. She recalls one woman rudely commenting that her hair "makes her look beyond 70" on a viral reel and then the troll continued with another woman saying that - it is her hair that is the culprit.

"So I wouldn't say it hurts, it certainly surprises me that people can be that mean," Jennifer says. "But I feel good about myself and my choice, so I don't let it bother me."

"I guess what bothers me is that people can be so unkind"

Over the period Jennifer has shared many posts and reels on overt and covert ageism that is propagated in the society.

She accepts that the majority of the people, even about 99% of them have encouraging words to share. But in the end, it is our perception and self-esteem that is going to drive us forward. "I feel that as a woman of 55, I am very confident. I am very much at peace with who I am"

Aging Gracefully Through Self-Care

For Jennifer, positive aging is rooted in habits she learned from her parents. Prioritizing healthy eating, sufficient sleep, low alcohol consumption, and regular movement have been keystones throughout her adult life. "My dad said you have to enjoy every stage of life," she recalls.

"They set a wonderful example for me in doing just that"

Her mother shares with her that they had the best times when they were in their 60s. They got involved with the community, went to the senior center for dancing went out a lot with their friends, and increased their social connections. That may be one of the factors behind Jennifer's enthusiasm toward positive aging. Jennifer stresses that she never skips meals. She focuses on eating healthy meals filled with fruits and vegetables eats very little pork and beef and avoids sugar drinks and alcohol. She also emphasizes ensuring proper sleep.

I really make a priority of trying to get a good night's sleep every night

Jennifer has also incorporated regular exercise into her daily routine, whether it is belly dancing or other form of simple exercises that may mean warm-up exercises.

This holistic approach aligns with recommendations from leading health organizations such as the National Institute on Aging advocates for eating a nutrient-rich diet, getting regular physical activity, prioritizing sleep, and stress management techniques like yoga to optimize well-being after 50.

Oseterics is on a mission to inspire you for active and graceful aging. A regular, practical, and tailored Yoga regimen is proven to help in both physical and mental health.

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Art Oseterics

Fashion as Self-Expression

Jennifer's Instagram is a kaleidoscope of colorful, fashion-forward outfits that showcase her lifelong passion for style. Jennifer's great-grandfather was a tailor who had his shop in Newfoundland, Canada. Her mother inherited the passion and Jennifer seems to have a similar genetic proclivity. More importantly, Jennifer accepts that clothing and styling is a form of expression for her.

There are studies which showing that dressing up have positive affects on your mood

"The colors I wear on the outside are expressing the colors I feel on the inside, the colors of my spirit". She further explains "Any healthy form of self-expression can benefit mental health"

Jennifer notes that dressing in bright hues and bold accessories like hats prompts more smiles from strangers. Clothing has long been therapeutic for her; even just the act of putting together outfits boosts her mood when struggling with her anxiety and OCD.

"I believe people should feel free to express their style, not just follow trends"

"It does help me emotionally and makes me feel more confident," she shares.

Jennifer loves seeing others trying different fashions and styles as well. Fashion and clothes can communicate a person's individuality. She chuckles that sometimes just putting on the outfit and dressing up feels like active self-care. "It has become an unusual hobby of mine", Jennifer chuckles. In addition to her flair for style, Jennifer is also an avid thrift store shopper who enjoys the "thrill of the find" - both for scoring unique pieces and giving clothing a new life cycle through reuse. Additionally, this allows her to have a common activity with kids.

"It's environmentally responsible to get pre-loved things"

Thrifting is an affordable way to cultivate a sustainable closet and reduce clothing waste. Jennifer is taking her sustainable fashion ethos a step further by partnering with ethical Canadian brands manufacturing eco-friendly apparel domestically.

Reflections of Past, Gratitude for Present and Future Plans

Jennifer reflects that it was ironically in their 20s when she started fretting about aging. "Stop worrying about aging so much and savor the good health you have right now. And get out of any unhealthy relationship - you can't get those years back", she now contemplates.

For Jennifer, the 30s was the best time when she got married, had her pregnancies, and had a wonderful career. But her 40s were not easy. She faced challenges in her personal life including losing her brother. It's a poignant reminder to live fully in the present instead of letting anxiety diminish our joy for the beauty and opportunities before us. Jennifer stresses the importance of taking care of mental health.

Take care of your mental health. Whether it's going for counseling or taking breaks, whatever is good for your mind

Jennifer regularly expresses gratitude for her upbringing. Feeling thankful to be born in a family which fulfilled all her needs." There is an added sense of wanting to savor little things, because you know it will not last forever" Jennifer says about her evolving perception of life. Jennifer highlights that aging is better when we look out for new experiences staying active through that process. Pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone enables us to live our lives fully.

She wants to try swimming in the future. As long as she is challenged out of her comfort zone. Content creation proved to be something similar for her a couple of years ago. Jennifer hopes to keep creating content as long as possible. She doesn't see herself ever getting tired of creating new content. Jennifer feels that helping others is a way to also help herself move into the uncertain future. Godspeed!

Looking into my future, I'm thinking, what else can I try that I've never done before?

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