58 years old Stefano Pasianot reflects back to his journey of deciding to follow his passion in older life 7 years ago. He was then a very successful lawyer travelling to multiple countries in Europe, Cape Town, Americas and even Asia. It was when his friends from younger days invited him to a small role that he decided to pursue his lifelong passion. Now he lives a life where age doesnt seem to be a barrier. A Rockclimber, a swimmer, a yogi , a model and an ex-lawyer, check out the candid conversation here -

Chapters from the Conversation(Click)

  1. The Life Story
  2. A Small Role and a Renaissance
  3. Breaking Out of Comfort Zones
  4. Listening to Inner Self
  5. The Hard Work Behind Building Something New
  6. Fitness and Diet Regime
  7. Fashion and Art

Stefano shared his journey with such comforting ease that one might for a moment underestimate the intensity of it. It takes a minute to truly absorb the magnitude of his courage and probably the passion behind. It is extremely rare to meet someone who has the strength to follow their passion in later life. Stefano has translated this into a journey of dicovering life and exploring himself.

Stefano stresses upon how most of us get into a cozy, wealthy place and dont move out of it. But rather than living our life in one dimension, we should look around for different opportunities around.

"Life is like a book and every new chapter leads to a new chapter and lets you discover and rediscover something different"

But it is also important to understand the challenges that lie ahead with every new thing you try to explore. Stefano's excellent examples of likes of Elvis Presley bring home that point.

Stefano studied drama when he was younger but in Greece it paid to be in law profession. He had his own ups and downs but eventually found his successful place in law profession. But it was years later at the age of 51 when a chance role came along in Brad Pitt's Fury production. He soon realised that life and universe is much more than what he had been living all this time. The law profession was not helping him to grow from what he already was. He then left the law and jumped into acting where he now has to reinvent himself all the time. This helped him to explore new opportunities, witness new aveneues and explore life from a completely different perspectives.

Stefano now lives his life trying to earn every minute. Though not spiritual, his mantra of life is stay grateful for the opportunities we are provided with our lives. While taking care of his aging mom, Stefano continues to embrace new challenges everytime whether it is sailing, boxing, yoga, swimming or anything else. The modelling industry is both competitive and extremely rigorous but Stefanio embraces it as a chapter for exploring life.

We have to be artistic about our lives and never walk the easiest ways, the unknown ofcourse offers dangers of risks but it also offers rewards. It is not just dark but also there is light

With such positive attitude, it is obvious that Stefano will receive even more successes in his career and life. We all wish him the best for his endeavours and hope he keeps inspiring us with his work

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