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  1. The Present Story
  2. Moving to Bali at the age of 59
  3. Important Learnings
  4. Fitness and Health
  5. Yoga
  6. Modelling in 60s

Sheila, a mother of three and grandmother of four is an atypical 63 year old who after more than 50 years of living in Australia and working in Banking & Sales, decided to move out and shifted to Bali four years back. A chance encounter with a friend explained her the details of getting a retirement visa for a new country and Sheila with her husbanded sold everything they had in the span of next 3 weeks and boarded a one-way ticket towards Bali.

Shifting to a new country may not be a practical solution for everyone. One must understand their financial plans and savings before taking such a jump. But Sheila and her husband's decision is commendable as well as courageous. Shifting so far out of your comfort zone is infact unthinkable.

Sheila explains how we do not rediscover ourselves mostly due to our own inhibitions and societal expectations. But if you overcome your initial dilemma, you might be able to live your life to the fullest even in 60s. "Many people called us crazy! Many said we were acting like teenagers!! But we asked ourselves why not??", says Sheila.

"Many people called me crazy! Many said we were acting like teenagers!! But we asked ourselves why not??"

Sheila lives for around 8 months in Bali while travels for the rest of the 4 months. For her 60s is one of her life's best times. Her life is awe strikingly inspirational and there are key lessons to be taken from the candid chat.

  • Most of the time we gather things we do not even need.
  • There is no right time and no right age to discover new journeys
  • Health is the key. Having a healthy lifestyle is extremely important to live your life to the fullest
  • Home is where the heart is

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