In his own words, Lance Hitchings was an unhealthy 60-year-old who used to hardly move around. Lance struggled with high obesity combined with low energy when he gradually started to realize that this may not be the right way to lead his life.

"At sixty, I saw myself and I was not happy. I weighed two hundred and seventy pounds. I was weak. I had lost muscles mass and I was out of shape. I was eating crappy food and was really unhappy. I was at a point where there was nothing to look forward"

Lance then spent the next several years of his life optimizing and structuring his lifestyle which he says are "fundamental" to healthy aging. He developed key strategies that worked for him and tested various iterations by tracking his age biomarkers. In this journey, he developed a profound passion for the science of longevity.

Lance Hitchings now runs his widely popular Youtube Channel where he covers the various aspects of healthy aging and longevity. He reviews the latest medical research and translates it for the common audience. From sexual health, and lifestyle changes to hormone therapy, Lance also covers new-age therapies, compounds, and supplements in his channel.

Video Chapters from the Conversation(Click)

  1. Lance Hitchings : Origins and Inspirations
  2. Aspects of aging : Turning Back the Clock
  3. Fundamental Lifestyle Changes
  4. Sexual Health for Men
  5. Intermittent Fasting and Science Behind It
  6. Critical Medical Research for Healthy Longevity
  7. Lance's Personal Journey towards Longevity
  8. Motivation for Longevity
  9. Healthy Aging is a Mindset : Fashion and Skincare
  10. Final Conclusion

Aging, Supplements, and Regenerative Therapies

"Longevity is the opposite of investments. If you are young, take lesser risks and do things that are proven while when you are old, you don't have much time and hence you may want to try out newer solutions"  

When we caught up with Lance, he had just returned from Costa Rica after undergoing stem cell therapy.  Stem Cell Therapies have recently been shown as a promising tool against aging. Lance says that he feels much more energetic at the end of his workout than before the therapy. The FDA has not approved any therapy for aging or longevity, but the longevity community likes to explore these new age therapies. Though not approved, these therapies do have a scientific basis and multiple peer-reviewed papers have been published on these topics. Lance also plans to undergo treatment for erectile dysfunction which is a common issue in older males.

You can catch more information about his Longevity Journey at Lance Hitchings's youtube channel -

Diet, Nutrition, and Intermittent Fasting

Lance suffered from lower testosterone and decided to boost his testosterone naturally. Eating testosterone-boosting diets and avoiding estrogen-producing food helped a lot. He says lowering cholesterols and eating a balanced diet is key to achieving balanced levels of cholesterols, sugar, vitamins, hormones, etc. If needed, adding supplements to your daily intake can aid the required levels.

Lance also encourages intermittent fasting. Intermittent Fasting leads to a process called autophagy where the body is able to repair its damaged cells and even create new cells for body functioning. Intermittent Fasting has also been shown to enhance mitochondria health and DNA repair. Lance cautions that it may take years before a person can get comfortable with their intermittent fasting routine and thus, it is critical to start slow.


In the end, Lance re-stresses that it is the fundamentals that cover 75%-80% of the healthy aging process. Regular sleep, a balanced diet, and optimum exercises will remain the base of healthy aging.

"I think exercise probably had the biggest impact. So if I have one piece of advice to older people who are pretty sedentary, I would say get up and start moving. Get your heart rates up. Burn your calories"

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