It may be the cute paws of dogs or be loving purrs of the cat, animal owners will vouch for the positive effect of having a pet in your life. Can Oseterics utilize them for their elderly parents?

Owners of Pets whether they are in their midlife or beyond have always benefited physically mainly because of the regular walks with pets specifically the dogs. This has been evidently consistent with various scientific studies. But calling it therapy would need impacts beyond the obvious ones. Scientists started to see if having a pet can help with depleting confidence or negative impact on mental health with the onset of old age. The Italian researcher A. Solami and his team researched it specifically for behavioral traits of anxiety, loneliness, and depression by introducing a pet into their lives for 6 weeks. The results were enough to scientifically say that in all the parameters having pets have helped.

The impact is so much that AAT which stands for Animal Assisted Therapy is being now widely recommended for many patients as an add-on to traditional medical interventions. Companies such as Therapet in Texas claim to help patients in balance and mobility while also enhancing their psychosocial well-being. These are critical dimensions for elderlies.

The startups have also caught up to this trend as well. The company Joyforall provides life-like companion pet toys that have real-life response capabilities. With simply no maintenance, they have the ability to interact with a person and provide the comfort of companionship. Studies and pilot tests have all proven to give positive evidence to the companion robot pets

But there is another trend that is capturing all ages and generations. People inadvertently are benefiting from the pet playfulness by utilizing the hundreds of social media channels providing daily videos on pets. Having a social media channel dedicated to your pets is not just a trend but a serious cottage industry. The top Instagram channels like jiffpom have about 10 mn followers while dougthepug has more than 3 mn followers who keenly follow the lives of the pets. Similar channels are also available on Youtube like catpusic and cole&marmalade having some of their videos crossing several million views.

Although there are no scientific studies to tell the effects of just watching pet videos, the engagement is definitely soothing for many viewers!

A simple moment as each week-end when i’m home with my wife and my little cat.
Photo by Jonas Vincent / Unsplash

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