By Tami Reilly

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Welcome to Oseterics Yoga! Oseterics Yoga App combines workouts tailored for your 50s, 60s, and beyond, enabling you to discover yourself in your active and graceful aging journey. Any successful journey begins with a roadmap. These tips and suggestions are designed to give you the lay of the land to successfully integrate a yoga routine into your daily life.

There are innumerable research studies that give evidence to the benefits of regular physical exercise. These include Flexibility, Mobility, Range of Motion, and so on. Regular physical exercises have also been shown to improve balance and coordination which prove to be key aspects of fall prevention as one ages. With regular yoga practice, you will see physical progress, but you also will learn so much about yourself, your body, and what you are capable of as a human

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down”

But there are key tips to remember ( for limited mobility, we have additional points further below) -

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can bend and move. Be mindful of any excess material (flowy pants, etc.) as you could trip on it during your practice. Choose something that you will be able to move and be safe in.
  • Always have a chair and water nearby and take breaks whenever you need it
  • Be sure that the area you are practicing in is clear of things you could trip on and that the floor does not have any hard objects that could cause pain or result in a fall during class (this includes your furry friends that may wander around on your mat!)
  • A yoga mat is recommended as it is designed to be a non-slip surface. This again is for your safety during movement. Additionally, it provides padding for your feet, knees, and body.
  • Barefoot is recommended as you will have less opportunity to slip on the mat. Your socks could slip on the surface which could cause injury. If you need to, wear a comfortable sneaker to prevent you from tripping, slipping, or protecting your feet.
  • Remember that is it called a "Practice". That means you do not have to master it in one session. You will come back to your mat over and over and watch your body, mind, and soul unfold. With repetition, commitment, and focus you will learn the language of yoga and how to work with your own body on the mat.

Remember that is it called a "Practice". That means you do not have to master it in one session. You will come back to your mat over and over and watch your body, mind, and soul unfold.

  • Meet yourself where you are. Yoga is rooted in non-judgment. Give yourself time to fit each yoga pose (yoga asana) into your body as each of us are unique. Some days, you may feel flexible and strong and some you may feel less. Be sure to listen to yourself and what is happening today on the mat. That is truly how to get the most out of your yoga. You are different each day.
  • Yoga props are recommended as they help you to feel the truest intent of the poses. Yoga blocks, straps, and blankets are great to have nearby. If you do not have these yoga items, look around your home for things that could work as a substitute (a sturdy box, a large book, a belt or tie, etc.). Create your own yoga toolbox!
  • Watch the yoga class video before moving along with it. Seeing ahead of time where you are going in class can help you access anything you may need to adjust, modify or screen to fully understand. If you are anxious or worried about yoga, watching will also help ease your mind and prepare you for your practice.
  • There might be a yoga pose you can not do or that is too uncomfortable to stay in for long … that is ok! Not every pose is for everybody. Pick one that you have already done that feels good and go there until the movement changes again.

Yoga is something you are doing for Yourself so honor your body, give yourself permission to not be “perfect” and learn to listen on the inside to where you are and what you need. A yoga teacher is a guide but you are the one who knows what is truly right in your body. Have patience on your journey, this one does not have an end!

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