There have been different theories provided about why aging happens. The different theories are backed by scientific research and they do tend to give us a partial deep dive if not the whole picture. Telemorese Sensecense is one of the most recently accepted theories that have picked up scientists' mind space. Telomeres are the end portion of our cell DNA and across our aging, the telomeres keep getting shortened. At the end of this shortening process, the cell dies. Senescence simply means the loss of a cell's power to grow.

Aging, the inevitable continuous process is then a mere shortening of telomeres physiologically. As an undying belief of age being inevitable, scientists are now calling our attention towards the thought of slowing down this process. From organic to synthetic alternatives, age reversal supplements with potential anti-aging properties are all to kill senescence.

As an international industry research insights say, the desire to battle aging has turned into dollars: the anti-aging market was worth $215 billion in 2016, and it's predicted to become a $331 billion empire by 2021. From creams, masks, and serums over the shelves, a variety of anti-aging supplements persistently claim to reverse the visible aging traits.

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Timelessly, researchers have always tried to find ways to minimize disease rates, cure incurable diseases and increase life expectancy in general. For the same cause, doctors and medical personnel have begun human testing of age reversal supplements. The anti-aging market is estimated to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of seven percent between 2021 and 2026.

The process of senescence leads to the accumulation of senescent cells, those who have died due to the telomeres reactions. This can probably start the senescence of other neighboring cells.

Use of Senolytics

The deposition of senescent cells is the major cause of localized inflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis. Also, they are the root cause of fibrosis, calcification in blood vessels, and osteoporosis. Senolytics help eradicate the root cause of such diseases, and henceforth resulting in an increased life expectancy rate.

These anti-aging supplements potentially can cure diseases like heart disease, dementia, blood pressure, insulin, etc. Popular examples of these compounds that could be found easily include:

1. Fisetin

2. Quercetin

3. Navitoclax

4. Dasatinib

5. Curcumin

Regeneration explained. Fine details about slowing down the age with commonly used supplements.

Using Senolytics as a therapeutic supplement is a new paradigm and promises to extend the quality lifespan.  Multiple research has now established that senolytics appear to alleviate age-related cell decline.

Drugs like Dasatinib were never invented for rage reversal. It was in fact synthesized to ward off leukemia cancer cells. But the spread and decline of cell health in cancer also seem to benefit in the same way as telomeres senescence does.

Natural sources of senolytics

Don’t want to pop pills like candy? Senolytics could also be found in natural food products that can be consumed on a daily basis without any side effects. Here are some common examples:

Turmeric: Turmeric can be found easily in every household and is a major part of almost all Asian & Mediterranean cuisines. We have learned that turmeric is a medicinal herb with miraculous abilities like antibiotics, antiseptic, cancer reduction, and anti-aging to name a few. Curcumin is a compound extracted from turmeric which has shown promising results in healing and curing skin diseases as well. Moreover, it is the element that possesses pure anti-aging abilities.

Green tea: We often have heard and believed in the medicinal benefits of green tea. It is found that green tea also has age combatting abilities. Researchers are finding more natural ingredients that could be used to extract senolytics for their anti aging abilities.

Fisetin is a natural senolytic that is found in certain trees like acacia and Nootka cypress. It can also be found in strawberries in very small quantities which are consumed by humans daily.

Whereas, Quercetin is another synolytic found in capers, chilies and elderberries.

Garlic, turmeric, lime; the most popular natural and healthy ingredients helping naturally to slow down aging.

Researchers have also found that black tea is also a great source of natural synolytics. Senolytics could also be found in natural food products such as green tea, apple, saffron, garlic, etc.

Eventually, Senolytics may increase life expectancy or may cure some diseases but the important point to notice about them is they do not reverse age as their name. Age cannot be reversed practically but slowed down physiologically in fact. Never to brush aside to what Franz Kafka rightly quotes it, "Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty, never grows old."

Free Radicals and Anti-Oxidants

Similar to Senescence Theory, the Free Radical Theory of Aging has been a widely accepted scientific explanation to the process of aging. We have widely covered it in our article here.

Some of the compounds that help as anti-oxidants are:-

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Vitamin E
  3. Vitamin A

NAD+: The new super compound in the town

NAD+ or Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide molecule is the cell's hydrogen carrier critical for anti-oxidation. The level of NAD+ steadily decreases as we age resulting in altered metabolism and declining health. The manufacturing community has thus scrambled to being NAD+ supplements that promise to increase the body's overall resistance and hence extending a healthy human lifespan.

NAD+ is involved in more than 500 enzymes and impacts inflammation, cell growth, circadian rhythm, neural functions, etc. This makes NAD+ a compelling molecule to target aging.

Other Class of Supplements

There are many other classes of supplements that are popular but they do not directly belong to senolytics or NAD.

  1. Chromium
  2. Resveratrol
  3. Collagen Peptides

Manufacturers aggressively promote the benefits of chromium in the prevention and treatment of insulin resistance and its associated conditions (type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia, and cardiovascular disease), and the public has embraced its use. Chromium supplement sales represent ∼6% of the U.S. mineral supplement market.

Resveratrol, an abundant compound in red grapes has anti-oxidation properties. It had been quite in news for its potential though, there is only limited proof to either confirm or even deny.

Collagen Peptides that are laboratory synthesized try to imitate the properties of skins, tissues, and muscles. These supplements promise to keep our skin, bones, joints, and tendons healthy. A lot of cosmetic products are available with colleges and research has shown that they improve skin health.

Injecting patients with components in a young person’s blood is also another age reversal technique. This method is extremely effective for patients suffering from mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Another method includes the use of cream including the immune-suppressing drug, rapamycin which could slow the aging of human skin.

Staying Safe

The era of age reversal is at our doorstep for sure. Growing scientific evidence and excitement will perhaps take us to the shore.

But it is key to stay safe and healthy. Hence, our team strongly suggests you do your own research and consult a doctor before you start eating these supplements.

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